Sydney Peak Oil
Well, peak oil has been confirmed. On the ABC's Catalyst show on April 28, 2011,
IEA head Fatih Birol confirmed that conventional crude oil production peaked in 2006.
Watch the segment below (courtesy of YouTube). For further information,
check out the extended interviews in the Catalyst Oil Crunch web special.
World growth is now being sustained by tar sands, natural gas liquids & biofuels,
and more recently, "tight" oil from expensive, marginal deposits.
In other news, I have decided to close down the bulletin board, as it has been constantly
targeted by spammers, and has become a burden to support. I was going to leave it up as
a record of our activities, but the spammers have made that impossible.
I am still involved in peak oil activism, and I assist ASPO-Australia when possible.

For those who wish to find another venue for peak oil information (and perhaps dialogue),
I would suggest Matt Mushalik's Crude Oil Peak, ASPO-Australia, The Oil Drum (ANZ),
or my own blog.

Ian McPherson -